• Tip 1

    Control is an illusion, get comfortable with uncertainty

  • Tip 2

    Be kind to your mind—talk to yourself as you would a friend

  • Tip 3

    It’s not your job to make people ‘get it’ so try to resist over-explaining yourself to others

  • Tip 4

    Resist reassurance — what you resist persists

  • Tip 5

    Allow acceptance of your thoughts

  • Tip 6

    Resist trying to ‘think your way out of a thought’

  • Tip 7

    Remind yourself that these thoughts will pass and be less distressing with each day, hour, minute. So hang in there.

  • Tip 8

    Find someone non-judgmental you can chat with to find the humour in your experience to reduce the distress

  • Tip 9

    Move your body - exercise or have a boogie

  • Tip 10

    Lean into your fears, it will be the best way to break down the OCD beast.