Welcome to So OCD, we’re SO glad you found us!

Love Penny & Rosie

So OCD is proudly created by Penny and Rosie, friends who both live with OCD.

Prior to receiving a diagnosis, we both struggled to understand the patterns of our thoughts, and felt so distressed by them. As much as we wanted to, we could not just ‘let things go’, as people would tell us to do when we felt anxious. We felt embarrassed and ashamed by our distressing thoughts and compulsions, resulting in a reluctance to share them with others for fear of receiving a negative response. We lived with OCD for years before it was diagnosed by health professionals, which frankly, really sucked for us and our loved ones.

Through our shared conversations and difficulty in sourcing approachable and thorough information about OCD, it became clear there was a need for an Australian, OCD-specific resource. As a result, So OCD was born.

We hope this website strengthens your understanding about OCD and helps you or someone you love to get the support they need to live a good life.

Why So OCD?

So, what’s with the name?

The term ‘So OCD’ is a term that is so flippantly thrown around to describe anyone who might be very particular about something. We’ve used it as our name, with the intention of reclaiming the term. We want to build awareness around the fact that OCD is not just a ‘quirk’ and when people use OCD as an adjective, this can actually diminish the seriousness of OCD as an illness.

So OCD aims to educate people about what it means to have OCD and just how debilitating it can be—for the person suffering from it, but also the people around them.

So OCD also seeks to be a conversation starter—we want to talk about OCD and approach the awkward topics that surround OCD, so that we can build greater understanding and break down stigma. We hope this will encourage people to feel safe to talk about their OCD experiences, and for their supporters to know that it’s OK to ask questions and have tricky conversations.

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